Thursday, July 17, 2008

furniture in pieces

thursday , july 10 2008
my cousin and two of my aunts came in the morning. we took my cosuins car, drove to the new flat and dropped my mother, her stuff and one of the aunts there. the three of us took the car again, this time for a distance of about two throws of stones, to a swedish furniture market. on top of the building is the parking lot. the market is huge. and acoording to my cousin not even the biggest one. my cousing guided us through the furniture exhibition. entire living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, its a while ago that i have been in such a market. we had a look at the wardrobe and the bedside table my mother had selected and found a matching chest of drawers. my cousing told the guy at the information desk which pieces of furniture we had chosen and got a sheet of paper with numbers back. that paper showed to us where we would get which piece of furniture where. the bed side table was in just one cardboard box, the chest of drawers and was in several cardboard boxes, the pieces for the wardrobe we would get somewhere else. we packed everything on a carrier an went to the cash desk. we paid everything and my cousin and me went to the place where they give out the bigger pieces of furniture. my aunt left the market by feet. the furniture would take the place of the back seats as well. we went to a desk with a a big waiting room, on big boards you can read there, that it would take less than "7 and 1 minute" till your furniture come out. we handed our papers to the guy behind the desk. my cousin told me that when he was here last time they handed those bigger pieces out somewhere else. they had a big TV screen there and showed a "Mr. Bean" video there. repeating always the same one. i think it took less than eight minutes until we had the pieces for the wardrobe. after loading everything into the car we went back to the flat. i took the elevator downstairs to take a little carrier from the basement to carry the furniture. when i came upstairs again my aunt arrived. she had lost her way. we put cardboard boxes with the furniture parts on the carrier and took them to the flat. we had to reapeat that about 5 times. we put the boxes into the sleeping room of my mother and started to unpack them. we started with the smallest piece, the bedside table. i took two parts and connected them with two screws. my cousin showed to me what i had down wrong. the wrong parts to start with. and the wrong screws. my cousin explained the "swedish furniture system" to me. it was not to hard to understand. after putting together the chest of drawers i even could remember how it works. around eight o'clock we stopped with our furniture session and my cousin and my aunt gave me a lift back to the old flat of my mother.

the rest of my adventures with furniture and everything what happened afterwards, you can read tommorrow. i gotta go to bed now.

goodnight everybody,

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