Friday, July 4, 2008

typing troubles

one of the reasons why i didn´t write my blog the last couple of weeks was, that i was typing somethings else. a translation from english to german. i had agreed with a friend of mine in belzig already last year that i would translate his book. actually i should have finished at the end of march. but then my father died, and i have to admid i had other priorities then. last week monday i finally finished the translation. on wednesday little corrections. on saturday the book cover. i had asked a friend in belzig if she could do the editing. she asked me if i new the correcting symbols in german. today i sent her the first fifteen pages, for her to see what the book is about and if she is willing to do it.

after breakfast i figured how i can use my fathers computer from my laptop. my fathers computer got more capacity and thus more options and acts now like a server. now i can do whatever i did before on it, while my sister is using it as well. one of the things which i didn't figure yet was printing from my laptop. now i just can connect to the server and have everything from it's screen on my laptop's. and am thus able to print as well.

after lunch i made my usual tour to town. first i bought a newspaper, then to the bank to transfer the rent of my mother's old flat and the provision for the new one, from there to the supermarket, where i bought some food stuff. at the bakery i asked the lady for one bread. in one piece. the lady disappeared with my bread, i was still hoping she would wrap it, she put not only paper around, but also cut it in slices. when i went out the supermarket i realised it was raining. after packing the stuff and being on my bike the rain became heavier. i escaped to the public library. first to the entrance for a cup of coffee, a rest and the opportunity for my cloths to dry a bit. and to see how wam's interview looks in the newspaper. it took more space than i expected. more than half the page. including a big photo from wam. wam had said the questions were a bit stupid, but he managed pretty well. inside the library i love to stroll around, reading here and there a bit. that's what i did today as well to let time and rain pass. and i found the correcting symbols inside a german dictionary. and yes, i guess i can handle them. i found myself a chair and was reading in front of the window, when i saw half of böblingen firebrigade passing by. i hope nothing serious happened. when i left the library the rain was a little less strong.

seems like we are not sure if my cousin is coming tommorrow for moving. i guess this time we should remember tommorrow toinform the landlord better about developments on our side.

in the evening i was looking for a lift for my sister's and my stuff, about 15 boxes and a fridge. i checked with professional companies, they want 300 to 700 euros, which would be more than the whole stuff is worth. i checked on forums which offer lifts. i found one guy going with a van from stuttgart to berlin in about three weeks. from berlin i hope to find somebody to transport my stuff to belzig. i printed (which is sooooo easy now!) his details, checked my email and tested that connection to the server. i guess i tested a bit much, my sister came into the living room late and complained that the computer was too slow and wouldn't shut off anymore. i tried to shut it off from my laptop, but somehow managed to shut off the wrong computer. i had to re-type half of this entry again. sort of a draw-back. the good thing was that i somehow managed to remember what i had written, and it didn't take me too long to write the whole thing. despite the rain today it's still too hot...

good night everybody.

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