Thursday, July 3, 2008

long time gone

it must be about a month ago that i wrote the last entry into this blog. lack of time and a bit too much of my laziness are to be blamed, i guess. to admit, it was after such a long time a little difficult to get into the rhythm of writing diary again.

my mother got a flat in the meantime. she didn't move yet, we are still busy packing things into boxes. we shoot at friday to start moving. the original plan was to start yesterday, but the floor in the new flat was not finished. it's a two room flat in the neighbourtown, in a building which is taken care of the red cross, about fivehundred metres away from one of the biggest car factories in germany. if you look out the window though, you see a little garden. next to it you can find a park with a little creek. the red cross organises once a week breakfast and lunch for all people living there. for those who want to join.

in the morning i was packing seven suites from my father into a suitcase. and filled three other suitcases with more of my cloths, most from my father as well. i hope my friends in belzig will still recognise me in my new couture.

before lunch i was reading my emails, about wam's book, which should have been out today and the presentation tommorrow in berlin in the rooms of a daily newspaper, an article about the book and cooking in that newspaper tommorrow, which is already on internet, found the link to a little videoclip with wam talking and a message from nick, if we shouldn't do something on facebook for the 15th anniversary of volunteers project pakrac.

despite the wheather, which was basically too hot today, i went to town after lunch. i guess that was around the time when the minister for interior affairs of land brandenburg visited belzig. i don't remember exactly how it happened, but i think it was bhady who talked to him during an event. since both infocafe and the association responsible for it are having this year their tenth birthday we took the chance to convince the town council of belzig to invite that minister for a meeting similar to the one which was the starting point of infocafe. of course i wanted to be in belzig today for the event in belzig and wam's book presentation tommorrow in berlin, but things turned to be different. i went first to the library to give a couple books back and afterwards to a bookstore to order a copy of wam's book. in the bookshop the lady told me the book is not out yet, but they phone me when it is. in one of the supermarkets i visited today the bottle recycling machine was opened and some nerving bleeping sound was going for several mintes. the good thing was, that i was this time not guilty for that alarm. at the counter i asked the lady if i could give old batteries back, she showed me where, but probably did not count with the amount my father managed to collect in the last couple of years. the battery collecting box in that supermarket was full afterwards. coming back home i had to change cloths, cause those i was wearing were soaking wet.

in the evening i was watching the news, there was a chance that they brought something on the event in belzig, unfortunately we don't get the regional TV channel from brandenburg, i couldn't find anything on national telly. still i left the telly going writing this blog and watched with one eye. my mother told me, the landlord was waiting the whole day for us to help moving. i guess we should improve the communication between us and him. later in the evening, when i was making notes for this blog i watched a discussion on telly about energy policy, reason was the increasing oil price. two of the guys were speaking in favour of nuclear energy, one of them was calling it ecological. don't worry, i managed to control myself and not throw things at the telly. in the news they had a short thing on universities cooperating with the industry, which i remember we were protesting against when i was student, upheavals in mongolia for selling its ressources to companies in other countries for nothing, and leaving ground and water of the people living from it devastated, and a member from the social democrat party who compared the numbers of members of her party to another left party in west germany. she obviously forgot on purpose the members in east germany. which shows a lot of the mentality how west-germans look at their fellow germans in the east. it's still too hot, but i will try with sleeping.

greetings from schwaben,

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