Wednesday, July 9, 2008

money troubles

books for library
for a couple of days my mother complains about pain in her leg. but it's only in the evening and not too serious. at least that's what she said. the corrections of the first fifteen pages of the book i translated were in the mailbox today. i put commas and closing speech mark in the rong order. all of them. a couple more mistakes, and everything adds up to about two or three serious mistakes and three or four more ordinary mistakes. per page. looks like more work. i sent the rest of the book by email to my friend who found the mistakes mentioned above.

my mother, my two sisters and me are the legal heirs of my father. we agreed that my mother gets the money, which is anyway not too much. i packed all books which i still had from the library in the top case of my bicycle bags and went to the bank to check if the papers from my sister's bank already had arrived. they did not. which means to get money from the bank we need the signatures from all of us. till now the bank didn't make any problems, only when we tried last week to make a standing order for the rent of my mother's new flat in another branch of the bank, troubles started. i took money from my own account. which will be finished soon. i hope tommorrow those papers will arrive.

when i made a quick movement to one side riding my bike, the bags flipped over the carrier. i had to get up, but managed to get the bags back in order again. the top with all those books was maybe a bit too heavy. in the first supermarket i was looking for ages for things from the shopping list. after those ages had passed by i went to my bike to pack the things into te bags. on the way to my bike i passed by a group of youngsters who were making fun of each other. they involve people passing by as well. i was not in the mood and slowed down my movements. tey went all quite. i went to the next supermarket. i found things much easier there. i went to the bookshop. wam's had arrived book! the lady excused the delay with a smile and the words it was missing in one delivery. i put it into my bicycle bag and went to the public library. after locking my bike it dropped again on the floor. the books again. i gave them all back except one. i got a cappucino and read the last pages in the book i still had. after finishing a second cappucino and the book, i gave the book back.

after dinner i put the left over papers from my father into ring binders and those in a cardbord box. my cousin phoned to tell us that he will be coming tommorrow around lunch time. later my sister phoned, that gher husband won't be able to join us on thursday to buy a wardrobe for my mother and if my cousin and me can't do that tommorrow. looks like my cousin has to pass by my sister's place to get the money. my mother's account is still blocked and my cousin and my bank account more or less empty. i will try now with having a look into wam's book and then with sleeping.

good night everybody,

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