Monday, July 7, 2008

there and back again

when i got up in the morning, my sister was already gone for that weddingof a friend of hers. after my breakfast my cousin and my aunt arrived. we put boxes with plates and books into the car. my cousin drove my mother, my aunt and me to the new flat of my mother. my mother knows the way by car to the big shopping centre in sindelfingen. were my cousin should have gone to the left, my mother directed my cousin to the right. the way to the shopping centre she is used to. despite this little de-tour we managed to find te building, which is at the end of a one way street. the little van of her new landlord was already outside the buiding. we first had a look at the flat. both my cousin and my aunt agreed that it's a beautiful one. a couple of minutes later the door opened. my mothers new landlord came in. we talked a little with him, he had a little carrier with him with which we brought the boxes in. leaving mother, aunt and landlord behind, my cousin and me drove back to the old flat in böblingen. we put the top of the dining room cupboard into the corridor and carried the bottom downstairs to the car of my cousin. we went back and forth about 4 times and brought as well the top of the cupboard, more boxes and the carpet from the living room my cousin and my aunt had brought in february for the birthday of my father.
and a little table. to the new flat we went now every time the same way, only that we entered the one way street from the wrong side, which was easier and only about fifty meters. my sisters family had a small sofa in their house, they wanted to give to my mother. my cousin and me drove to get it. my sister had gone already in the morning with her son to a party from his music school, so only my brother-in-law and their daughter were at home. they had asked us not to ring the bell, but to phone them when we enter the town not to wake up my beautiful little niece. my brother-in-law was busy in the garden when we came to the house. he and my cousin carried that sofa out of the basement while i took the legs from a little table for my mother. they also put a little cupboard for my mothers television into the car of my brother-in-law. we drove back to sindelfingen, while my brother-in-law was waiting for my sister and their son to return home. aftre putting the cupboard top on its bottom we were waiting for my brother-in-law to come with the telly cupboard. i phoned him to see what was going on, my sister was already home, but my brother-inlaw had found a friend who would bring a bed for my mother. but she had to do tings first and my brother-in-law had to still put the bed into her car. thus we left my aunt at the flat, while my mother, cousin and me went back to the old flat. we packed in a couple more boxes with clothes. driving in the wrong direction of that one way street, my cousin was jokin that his mother would be upset if she would see that. i reminded him that the windows and the balconee of the flat are in the other direction, from where you can't see the street. as he was parking the car we saw his mother sitting on the bench in front of the building, already shouting at us. or him....? my cousin informed his mother about our conversation in the car and we all had to laugh. back in the flat my sister phone that her husband was on his way with their friend. my cousin and me decided to wait outside, their is no name yet at the bell outside the building, and we wanted to make sure that my brother-in-llaw and the friend would not be closed out. while we were sitting outside i phone him, to tell him that the building is at the end of a one way street. they were already on the good end. when we were unloading the car the friend excused the dirt in it, with "it is an agricultural vehicle". after unloading my brother-in-law took a key for the flat for in case he would bring the chairs and the telly cupboard the day after. my cousin and my aunt gave me a lift home, after breakfast i was falling into my bed.

short after lunch my sister came back from that wedding. she had her lunch and after a coffee we took a bus. she had not seen the flat and i wanted to pick some of the now empty boxes. the bus took a de-tour cause, the street was closed for some street party in town. we were five minutes late for the train. we took the bus and walked downhill to the flat. after we had been the some minutes the bell rang. i though there was soomething wrong with the bell, when the door opened and my brother-in-law and his son stepped in. he had the telly cupboard and the chairs with him. after carrying everything inside we had a look at the bed, he couldn't find the screws at home. they were not with the bed either. he figured another way to fix it, but he has to get some material first. well he's an engineer. he drove us back home.

in the evening there was a discussion about "did people in germany loose faith in democracy" on telly. especially in east germany people are not happy about the political development. one of the people discussing was that minister for interior affairs, who was on wednesday in belzig. he had said earlier that people in the "new german states" are not ready for democracy yet. or are they just more critical?

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