Saturday, July 5, 2008

old or new?

my younger sister wants to visit a friend tommorrow who is getting married. for the last days she was looking for a lift, i suggested to her to go by train, she thinks a lift might be a couple of euros cheaper. eventually she found a lift for the major part of the way, for the rest she will take public transport.

in the morning i checked facebook, wam said the presentation of his book yesterday went well. nick asked me if i could send a message to all former pakrac volunteers on facebook for the anniversary at the weekend. when i checked a message from john, i figured that he had done that already.

since my mother got the new flat, one of the main issues concerning the new flat in my family is her furniture. my family is in this case my sister, my mother, me, but also one cousin, several aunts, uncles and friends. most of the furniture of my mother is either old, broken or doesn't really fit into her new flat. my older sister offered to buy almost everything new. till now my mother wasn't too keen to throw all the old furniture away and of getting new one, even if my sister pays for it. i guess, it is again about too many memories being connected. to the kitchen table, the cupboard, the chairs, her bed and the sofa in the living room. today my sister sent me a list of furniture items to go through with my mother. at the end she agreed to about everything for my sister to buy.

my younger sister was typing minutes of a seminar she participated in the last two or three days. today one or two pages were gone all of a sudden. i tried myy best to find the text, but it seems it is really gone. the strange thing is, the text won't opne in its original format anymore.

looks like my cousin will come tommorrow to have a look at the flat and to start with the first things moving.

good night,

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