Thursday, July 10, 2008

moving in different ways

last night i had a look in wam's book, at the beautiful pictures of dishes. and found my name on the last page in the thank you section. i was not proud. but moved. „for having been always there“, the sentence kept still on moving in my head. until about 4 o'clock. then i decided to take a homeopathic tranquilizer. i needed some sleep til my cousin would come at noon. after waking up, i phoned him. he would not come today, not for driving only once or twice. there was still stuff in the flat, but about everything my mother wants to take to her new flat was packed already then. after lunch i started to read wam's book from the beginning. wam is telling stories about his life, every story accompanied by a vegeterian or vegan recipe. for saving a bit of time i left out the recipes, i anyway don't have the head to try them out now (my food preparing adventures till now include pan cakes and scrambles eggs. not much more.) after the story about the sex pistols i needed to go to the toilet. still sitting on the john, but having already finished my business, my mobile rang. i thought, if it's the bank, i don't wanna miss the call. i answered. it was the bank. exactly one of the beautiful ladys. „you can pass by here now“. at the end of our short conversation she said, „i hope, i didn't disturb you with moving flats“. i answered with something like „no“. i didn't really want to tell her what she was actually disturbing me at. i changed from my „moving flats dress“ to „visit bank dress“, my mother wrote another cheque, i jumped on my bike, let it roll down the hill and 5 minutes later i stood in the bank. the blond lady greeted me with a smile. my heart answered with shifting one gear higher. my mobile rang. i had given in the search of a transport possibility of 2 cubicmetres of stuff in some internet auction. were different transport companies bit to transport my stuff. the cheapest one was 425 euro. much more than the things are actually worth. now the guy running that auction wanted to know, if i would accept one of their offers. i told him that all of them were far too expensive for me. still with a red head, i asked the other lady, if my mother could do now ordinary bank business, she talked to the blond one, who asked me, if i wanted certain bank notes, i shook my head. she disappeared and returned with a hand full of notes. i took them, said two times good-bye and left the bank. pitty that my mother is changing to the bank in sindelfingen soon.

i went to the town centre, brought bread and bananas and went into another book shop, and was a bit disappointed that they don't have wam's book. at the bakery i bought bread, in the supermarket bananas (biological;-) and went to the train station. i asked the lady there about sending things by train, no chance for boxes, suite-cases up tho 25 kg 15 euro something, the third one almost ten euro, the fourth one again 15 and something. in front of the public library, i just had a cappucino, without entering the library, i made my way home and continued to read wam's book. at times i was just ROFL (rolling on the floor and laughing). the more i read, the more the stories were familiar to me, the last couple because i was taking part in them. an exception was the one taking place in belzig. i remembered only that the local health department managed to be a real pain for the kitchen, and me ending up at infocafe. when it happened, i couldn't find a positive side in it. reading it less than one year later i was laughing my head off.

in a reading break, i phoned my cousin, to ask him when he would come tommorrow. around ten. he understood from my sister, that i had a checque to pay in the furniture shop for the wardrobe of my mother. i clarified the situation and asked my mother which wardrobe she actually has selected. she showed it to me in the catalogue and i finished reading wam`s book.

good night,

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