Tuesday, July 8, 2008

shopping troubles

yesterday my brother-in-law said it would take longer to walk than ten minutes from my mothers new flat to the market square in sindelfingen. after lunch today my sister left to berlin. i took my bike to the bank to clarify some financial thing for my mother, unfortunately some papers didn't arrive yet. i am afraid, i'll have to go tommorrow again. from the bank i went to sindelfingen to my mother's new home and walked from there to the market square. my brother-in-law was right. it took me eleven minutes. i decided it was time for a break, bought a computer magazine, sat myself outside a cafe and got a cup of coffee. when i had an idea which articles are interesting i got up and tried to find the supermarket. the direct way is about 5 minutes by bike, it took me about 25 to find it. i bought everything my mother had written on my shopping list, except white cheese, which they didn't have. i searched the entire floor of the shopping centre, lots of clothing and shoe shops, some shops with glasses and jewelery, but no other supermarket. i took the trolley to my bike and realised that the wind must have been too strong. it was laying instead of standing at its parking place. i managed to lift it up again. i took the trolley back and got on my bike. when i just wanted to give up searching i found another suprmarket. no white cheese. when i decided to go to my mothers new flat i found one more suprmarket. they didn't have the white cheese my mother wanted, but at least another brand. i found another way to my mothers flat, without having to violate any traffic rules. even not by car. in the flat i emptied two boxes from their books. while putting the boxes on top of my bicycle, i managed to drop it on the floor once more. the bicycle. i went the same way back, my brother-in-law drove yesterday, except the last bit, which was through the forest. after dinner i packed some bed stuff and clothes into plastic bags. on special request of my cousin, he says he can pack them easier than boxes. the ring binders into boxes.

that's it for today,
good night,

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