Thursday, May 29, 2008

forms, books and tennis balls

still tuesday night

after uploading the blog from tuesday i was fiddling with the scanner a bit. all of a sudden i understood what happend: the printer software had installed the scanner software as well. thus it was in two versions on the system and was interefering with each other. i took the scanner software off and installed the printer anew, and voila, both printer and scanner worked. i scanned two of the floor plans of the assisted living place my mother and me had visited two weeks ago in leonberg. when i wanted to scan the third one, the scanner gave up. i sent those two floor plans by email to my brother-in-law and went to bed. after reading a couple of pages in two books each i called it a day, put my mobile to ring at tenin the morning and switched off the light. i couldn´t fall asleep though. my belly started to ache. turning around, taking a homeopatic tranquilizer and turning around again didn´t help. maybe my appendix? the deeper i breathed the more pain. i tried to breath low. not too successful either. i was thinking about to call an ambulance. eventually i must have fallen asleep.


we have to make the the annual tax declaration of my father of the year 2006 until the end of this month. i tried to do it with a special software last days, but we are missing some paper. without some numbers on it that software won´t proceed. so my mother is trying to do it now on paper. she filled in the wrong numbers in the only form we have. thus i went to the finance office in the morning. i had to cycle about four times around a complex ofbuildings hosting the police, the unemployment office and that finance office until i found a way through all those buildings. i picked up all forms which might apply to my mother in at least ten copies each. my belly was doing better and while biking home i thought maybe this was now the punishment for the overdose of rhubarb i had in the last weeks. my mother already had prepared lunch. i had semolina pudding without rhubarb stew.

being a little exhausted by everything, i was reading that comic strip from yesterday on the balcony. having that comic strip almost finished i heared a familar voice. and looked through the balcony door inside the living room. there i saw my aunt, the older sister of my father. she just had arrived with her son who is a couple years older than me. after the obligatory greeting rituals i walk with my cousin up to his car to get some boxes for putting things in. on the parking lot we find another aunt, my fathers younger sister. she used to teach catholic religion in various schools before she was pensioned. she is obvously moved cause my father is not around anymore. back in the flat we are having tea and cake. fortunately my relatievs have brought some cake with them, fortunately for me since i am still avoiding rhubarb. my mother told them that my younger sister is arriving with the train in the late afternoon, my cousin is ready to pick her from the station.

afterwards we were having a look on my fathers books. some are really beautiful, some i was found of as child and now would consider being useless, my relatives are pretty found of. like huge books with huge photograps on history and science. and unpacked and newer books with novells on the order of the templars.

my cousin, my mother and me were keeping always an eye on the watch to be in time at the station. i assisted him to find the way there. we didn´t drive exactly the shortest or even fastest way, to be honest, rather than a straight line on the map the direction i gave to my cousin would look more like a couple of "Z". we were twenty minutes before the train was to arrive, my cousing was telling me about his life. being unemployed he engages himself in his town in the tenant assocition and a citizents´ organisation which is having every year a district festivity.

my aunts already had put the books they had sorted for themselfs in the boxes. we too them out to their cars. afterwards i showed them the two rooms of the basement. although with neighbours and other relatives we had already cleaned and sorted quite something they are still pretty shocked. while i was cleaning with my cousin out a bit more,my aunts found the children toys in the corridor. they threw about two hundred tennisballs in a garbage bag, found a couple of my old toy cars and more toys, they want to clean at home to give to the son of another cousin of mine. maybe i should draw a picture of my family for you. my cousin wants to take the books for children and adolescence for the citizens association when his is coming on saturday again.

gotta go to have lunch now,



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Anonymous said...

Burkie, a rhubarb pie again? Man, I don't get it - that thing is horrid. I remember my days in Germany and that thing was always on the menu, either with the family I was staying with, or with their friends.... whole spring long. You would think, that is the only thing that grows there! Admittingly, if you add strawberries to to mix, the pie tastes a bit better. However, I still don't get the appeal. And also, acording to wikipidia the rhubarb roots have been used as strong laxative for over 5,000 years -- Maybe that explains your tummy trubles!!! So, ease up on it, meine freunde!