Thursday, May 22, 2008

angles, vacuum cleaners, points and a screw driver

last night all of a sudden i understood why i like to read books (both fiction and non-fiction)and my interest into languages, cultures, history, art and why i write this blog. all lets me look on things from a slightly different angle, shifts the perception a little, adds a different picture. that all might be too obvious to you. and if you would have asked me last week, why i am interested in, say, history, i probably would have given this answer. for the first time (in my live!) i realised, that this reason is common for all of these things. like the difference of seeing things with one eye or with two. with one eye i can see. with two eyes a little more, even more i can estimate distance and see three dimensional. since last night the same seems to me works for anything else. if i want to make up my mind, i need at least two different angles. and because i am not able to always ask people for their opinion on things, i have to create all those angles in my mind.

my uncle had announced himself yesterday for 12 o´clock. which for my mother was a pretty strange time, just before lunch. on the phone yesterday my uncle pretended being surprised that i was already up at two in the afternoon. having been in bed for the entire weekend. in return i sort of had to accept his proposal to arrive here at twelfe. but instead just before lunch my uncle and his wife managed to arrive here during my breakfast. they had miscalculated the traffic. so, i was stuffing my last slice of bread into my face, before introducing my uncle and aunt to our basement. talking about introductions, my father had two brothers and two sisters. all of them have at least one child, not all are married. to have a child without been married was in their time, generation and surrounding a bit unusual. they are both always busy with something, they built two or three houses, she worked as waitress, he painter and decorator, drove trains for the german railway system and driving instructor. they both have a certain sense of humour which is at times misunderstood. i took them down to the basement, they wanted to have the toy-train for their grand-son. showing them the second room of the basement they were shocked. about the mess. we put all electronic and metall garbage into their trailor. vacuum cleaners, parts of the bike of my mother, the hospital bed and all that. they even wanted to keep two of the vacuum cleaners. i couldn´t stop myuncle from sorting some of the stuff in the second basement room (the desaster area). he found the wheels for my mothers bike, paint and things i can´t remember now. we drove the stuff to the recycling centre, were we had to sort electronic, cables, music stuff and metall. in a box we found a blow drier. brand new. we gave it to one of the guys working the, he just said "second hand market". the vacuum cleaners went into another container, which were closed from the sides, so we really had to throw them. in the music department was a big pile of television sets and on top a couple of computers. i should go at night there and see how many i can find. seriously, you can find parts for at least four computers there. which are better than the ones i am working with. at the end we had been driving there a second time, my uncle and my aunt had both their jeep and their trailor filled up with stuff, including the toy train.

so, manchester united wone the football campions league. it was a good match, going into penalties, it was close, both teams, manu and chelsea could have wone. the members of the one team were celebrating, the others not. some of them were crying. i wasn´t surprised, i have seen too many football matches. but from a slightly different point of view the surprising thing is, how many emotions such a virtual thing as a football tournament can create. nobody got seriously hurt, is missing or even died. both teams played a good match. is it a question if they get a medal afterwards, the recognition they will gain from their friends and family or the money they will be worth on the transfer market? maybe everything at once.

typing this i found a screw driver in my back pocket.

good night,

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