Sunday, May 25, 2008

slides, a phone bill and a missing car

my father got hundreds of slides. today i found the slide projector. most slides are from travels to the place where my father was born, north of poznan in poland. until the wall came down and communism collapsed in east europe my father was not allowed to go there because he worked for the german army. since then he and my mother travelled every year there. since a couple of years he even organised bus trips with up to fifty people. i found about three files from my father on his birthplace. since i am here i added 2 or three more. only about the area where my father was born. with newspaper articles and photograps from before and during world war II, stories and some historical texts. all about this area. lists of names of the people joining those trips, letters from those people to my father, photographs from those trips, historical and current maps, newsletters, newspapers, songs from and about the area (some written by my father). from most of those papers two, three or even more copies.

i opened that suitcase. no, i didn´t figure that number. i went up to 999. but the thing wouldn´t open. only with a little help from a screwdriver the suitcase did open. there i found medical bills, two playing cards, invitations to events, correspondence, a phone bill from freiburg. to me. from 1994. then i already lived in pakrac! seems my good old flatmates hadn´t paid the phone bill and the telecommunication company sent it to me. to me addressed here in böblingen. my father seems to have cleared the situation with a letter to the telecom. i hope my flat mates have paid that bill in the mean time. in another correspondance to the head of a military base my father complained that his car was taken away. he had joined some seminar in that military base, the guys responsible for that seminar had obviously forgotten to arrange parking space for the participants, the guards had let my father into that military base (although they should have stopped him), my father parked his car, somebody figured that the car didn´t belong there and they moved it. i can imagine my father was quite upset. i can´t remember him telling us about that incident though.

we are running out of bread again. for the late afternoon my mother has ordered the hair dresser for her and myself. a guy i remember vaguely as little child when i went to school. i guess i will go shopping before letting my hair being shortened tommorrow.

good night everybody,

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