Saturday, May 24, 2008

troubles moving

today in the morning i had a hardening in the neck muscles. couldn´t move my head to the right side. i tried to get rid of that with some breath exercise and tiger balm.

i had thought i had payed all my bills, but still some manage to accumulate from somewhere. seems i have forgotten again to ask for exemption of the telly and radio fees for being unemployed, i need to pay a couple of homepages i host with an aquaintance, my bank account is empty and i still have to pay my mobile. i was happy when my mother told me she would lend some money to me.

after lunch i managed to move my head at least in something like the right direction. since i don´t need to look to the right that much while biking, i went first to the bank, then to one of those big supermarkets. at the cash the alarm went off. the woman at the desk asked to go once more backward. i was puzzled about the bleeping noise and thought she had addressed the family in front of me. after realising that she was talking to me i stepped backward through this bleeping thing. i didn´t steel anything, honestly. i went forward again and nothing happened. the woman said everything was alright. after paying that alarm went off again. a little kidding, a little annoyed, i held my hands up. the woman told me again everything was alright. no idea what was triggering that thing. who knows, maybe my mobile radiated a bit too much. i could hardly fit everything i had bought into my bicycle bags. fortunately i had cancelled the potatoes. since the main library is closed for putting a new carpet i had to go to a branch of the library in a part of town i had never been before to get some new music. i went straight up hill. at least 2 kilometres. the houses must have been built in the last couple of years. arriving at the top i am exhausted. the building of the library branch looks from the inside much more attractive than from the outside. downstairs is a little cafe. which is unfortunately closed until sunday. upstairs, in the first floor is the actual library, bigger than the only library in belzig, with a big terrace and chairs to sit. i found a couple CDs and went home passing by my former secondary school. the students still have school vacations, so the school was closed. arriving at home i am even more exhausted.

yesterday i had opened a suitcase of my father. in it i found another suitcase. locked by two combinations of numbers. i could figure the first one, but not the second. so i started trying from 000 onwards. i managed up to the number 250.

update on the scanner: the computer finds it sometimes. but still it won´t scan. i am able to look to the right again, that hardening seems to be gone.

good night,

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