Tuesday, May 27, 2008

music, hair and even more music

last time i watched the eurovision song contest a swedish band won. seems like a russian singer won this year. and the german, british and polish songs together on the last place. i didn´t know that goran bregovic was playing with his band during the break. i read it only on a big german internet news service and search engine. they proposed a fraud. that some neighbouring countries gave points to each other. the funny thing is that they complain in the next sentence about the missing points from the neighbouring countries for the german song which was in english (which the majority of the songs were). in the following paragraphs they give about ten more reasons for the position of the german (or english?) song. wikipedia already has articles on this years contest in more than 30 languages. they are quick..

after lunch facebook was down again. i went shopping. my mother had ordered the hair dresser for a quarter past five. so i had some time. and this time no alarm. half a minute after i arrived back home the bell rang. the hair dresser. i opened the door and confronted him with the the time difference of fourty-five minutes he was early. he was sure he had agreed with my mother for half past four. that explained everything: a misunderstanding. while i was unpacking my bicycle bags he cut my mothers hair. she wants a decent hair cut when my niece will be baptized in two weeks. now she thinks it´s maybe a bit short. but within two weeks it should grow to a decent lenght. while cutting my hair, he gave me a couple of advices on how to cut my hair myselfand proposed to me to co-ordinate my stays in böblingen with my hair cuts. i guess my efforts in cutting my hair myself couple of months ago were not too successful.

in the evening i fiddled with the scanner. again without success. just checked facebook. i got a music clip about manchester united. the lyrics are...., let´s say special (snjezana! where did you get that from?). even more important, it shows that there is somebody else reading this blog. which makes altogether ..... three people!

good night folks!

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