Monday, May 12, 2008

mothers day, heat in the attic, a mess in the basement and rhubarb cake

when writing a blog or a diary, it is certainly a good ideda, if i read my entry from the past day before i write my next. there is always some left-over idea on what to write....

today in the morning, even before breakfast, i gave my mother the CD with german schlagermusic from the 50s for mothersday. the one i had bought yesterday in that electronic shop.

after having lived surrounded by a lot of people for the past 20 years, either at eyfa in sittard, at peace hostel in zagreb, in pakrac or in an intentional community in belzig to me the life people live here in schwaben seems a bit like in shoeboxes to me. every family lives their own live. and that´s it. maybe my perception is a little out of focus, and other people here have something like a socal life, my mother certainly does not. the neighbours come down sometimes (those who don´t like rhubarb), they have an arrangement about the newspaper on sunday with my mother and sometimes buy stuff for her at the supermarket. those arrangements lead sometimes to long talks. but that´s about all of my mother´s social life. which is one of the reasons why i am here now.

i forgot to tell you that my mother had applied a date for bulk waste the other day. the truck will come tuesday morning. after breakfast i started to sort old boxes with cloths, school books, about fifty of my old toy cars and children books and all kind of stuff in the attic. it was pretty hot up there. right underneath the roof. our neigbour came up (the woman who doesn´t like rhubarb) and told me that her husband would help, and suggested that we start with sorting stuff in the basement, since the distance to the street is smaller and we would have space then to sort things from the flat and the attic. considering their offer to help i could not see any point to disagree to this suggestion. her husband would just finish lunch. it took a couple minutes until the information had passed the processing system of my head. i stopped all activity in the attic, went down to my mothers flat and told her about the new development. considering the huge amount of stuff my family collected in the basement in the past, and the possible resulting amount of work, i decided that it was a good idea to have lunch as well. my mother had already prepared lunch, she just had to heat it up. the husband came down, he had already finished his lunch, i should come up when i finished mine. but, please before six in the evening. after finishing lunch i went first down to the basement to clean it up a bit, it was in an embarrassing state of mess. and i wanted to save some things, before our neighbour throws them away.

of course he came down to the basement before i could fulfill my mission. we started to discuss what to do with the toy-train shall we throw it, or try to look for somebody who wants to have it. for a couple of euros or even for free (in case you are interested: a maerklin HO with tracks, station, crane, two transformers and landscape with tunnel; without waggons and trains; but you have to come here to get it! write to my email address). disassembling would be quite some work. so we left it for the time as it is now. we found a complete german army uniform and gas mask, rucksack, sledge, our old school books, children toys, children books, my old lego boxes, 4 tennis bats and maybe one hundred tennis balls, some of them packed in their original boxes, insulation material (not used), wallpaper (packed in plastic) and two of my old lego boxes. same as for the toy-train: all for free, but you have to come and get it. and we collected about 6 big carbage bags with stuff, 5 vacuum cleaners, skiis, ski boots, three lamps, a sledge, two army sleeping bags, more children toys and two cupboards. most of that broken, unusable or way out of fashion. we asked the other neighbour, if he could drive his car away, that we have place for all that stuff on the side-walk. he is greek, not only of nationality, but also concerning mentality. like you would imagine a greek when you have watched that famous movie with anthony quinn. we put everything wooden out on the pavement. the garbage bags, the electronic and metall waste we left in the corridor of the basement. also the children toys and the army uniform (i will try to get in contact with kindergardens and an army shop here in böblingen on tuesday). we took two more cupboards from the attic down to the street, when i realsied that one of my lego boxes was on the pavement underneath all the other waste. we agreed to meet again tommorrow at ten o´clock to continue to sort out the attic. it was already tea time and my mother was waiting with tea and rhubarb cake. i changed my cloths, washed myself to get ready for tea time and the wife came down and managed to involve me and my mother into a talk and before i realised, she, her husband and me were again the basement and taking out the stuff from the corridor to the street. she even managed to get the key for the other room in the basement from me and started to clean that out. i had not considered before even to start with that room in the next two weeks. at least we can open now door to that room. we discussed what to do about the remaining mess in the room, she expressed her willingness to help and agreed that we continue tommorrow. after the attic. i took the army uniform to the flat of my mother and asked her to put it on the balcony to give some fresh air to it. when we finished it was about dinner time. i went down to the street again and took my lego box back to the first room we had cleaned. i was knackered. i washed myself again. i first had some coffee and cake, then without break inbetween i had dinner. befor writing this blog i checked out on wikipedia where mothers day comes from. apparently some usamerican femenist had the idea at the beginning of the last century, but was fighting it after realising how it was commercialised. in germany the nazis promoted it to an official celebration day. i better finish this now, tommorrow unknown and long forgotten things in an attic and a basement are waiting for me.

good dreams,

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