Saturday, May 10, 2008

two second hand markets, one electronic shop and stewed rhubarb

dear friends!
when i wanted to put on my blog on last night, told me that my blog was blocked for being a possible spam blog. the past entries were still readable, but i couldn´t make any new one. for being suspected as spam one reason can be nonrelevant content. that makes me think a bit.... when john read about my blocked blog on facebook he promised me to send a plumber. it works again! thanks john!!

when i wanted to leave today the house i realised that i couldn´t find my wallet, where i have coins and my papers in. i left without. i first brought bread at one of the two bakery-chain-shops and went from there to the library. the second hand market was in the entrance room where i usually have a cup of coffee. lots of people seemed to have had the same idea. not to have coffee. but to go to that market. entire families. looking for books. i found two books i really would like to read. i was about to buy them, but they both were pretty heavy and big. i have about no idea how i shall transport the books i still have in my mother´s flat from boeblingen to belzig. i checked with a professionel moving company the other day, but moving with them would cost more than my stuff is worth. so i left those two books for somebody else to buy. inside the library i used again their computer, this time to print out a map of the town where my mother plans to move to. when i paid for printing i asked the lady at the desk if they had coincidentially seen my wallet. they had. they even wanted to phone me, but couldn´t handle the address on my ID-card. i went to the other second hand market behind the supermarket in the industrial area of the town. the parking lot of the supermarket was packed full of cars, and still people were looking for a place to park cars. i felt sorry for them, i remembered that my father was sometimes driving around the entire area several times until he had found some space for his car. the market was pretty international: russians, polish, turkish and of course german people. i heard some yugoslav swearing as well, and i think the intonation was croatian. kitchen stuff, tools, books, cloths, TV sets, one table with only watches in all sieces and shapes, music CDs, computer games, etc. a T-shirt with "Deutschland" written in a gothic font. in belzig that would be a clear political statement. i managed not get upset and passed by the stand. i could have bought an entire computer in parts or even complete, but the same here, how would i transport it? so i got on my bike again. on the road the situation was almost worse than on the parking lot. a queue of maybe a kilometre or more. of cars. i again felt sorry for the poor people in fuel driven vehicles which are usually much faster than my bicycle. for me the traffic jam was no obstacle. i went to a huge shopping centre in sindelfingen. it hosts one supermaket, one huge electronic shop, two bookshops, several clothing shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. i went to the electronic shop (germans may guess which one). TVsets, stereos, washing machines, dish-washing machines, computers, computer equipment, music CDs. and a lot of everything. there is not one real music shop in the area left. even in stuttgart the big music shop has closed. you got everything connected to music there. music instruments, stereos, and thousands of LPs, i guess i haven´t been there for a while. they used to have any kind of music. my mother had found a pretty cheap printer in a commercial leaflet of this shop i was in now. if i was lucky the printer might fit without the packaging into my bicycle bag. i compared the size of an unpacked printer with the one of my bicycle bag. the printer seemed a little big. i asked one of the shop assistants, if he thinks that the printer would fit into my bicycle bag. without packaging. he said the bag is maybe a bit too small. i asked him if they would have the printers still on tuesday (on monday shops are closed). they had one hundred still in the store. i agreed that the printer is very cheap. thus i gotta go on tuesday again. this time by bus. i bought a CD for my mother. for mothers day. and got on my bike. most of the way back was uphill, mostly on bike paths, but i was back at home in less than tweny minutes.

when i came home my mother had already prepared semolina pudding with stewed rhubarb. deliciuos. after eating rhubarb the teeth feel a little funny, our neigbour said the feel too long. later my mother prepared rhubarb cake. she is afraid, she put too much of the rhubarb on. well let´s see tommorrow.

good night,
burkie in boeblingen

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