Tuesday, May 13, 2008

up and down the stairs, a couple more squaremeters and croatian birds

dear friends!
so it looks like there is at least somebody reading this blog;-)

i forgot to tell you yesterday that flower shops in our part, as the only one of germany were forbidden by court to open. because of witsun. motherday is one of their major days to make profit with. some shops had announced already before, that they would not obey to that decision. i am wondering if they really opened yesterday. and about the consequences.

before i switch off the light i read a couple of pages in two books every night. last night all of the sudden the letters on the page of the book i was reading started to move. without me moving my hands. i didn´t drink any alcohol. for about half a year. too much rhubarb maybe. my mother suggested that i might have been bumbed my head into the wood of the roof construction of the attic too much yesterday.

right after breakfast i went to the basement to check the situation down there. which was a good idea. i had left quite a mess yesterday in the room which is almost empty now. almost empty meaning there was only the toy-train, an old fridge, the insulation material and about 20 bottles of wine supposed to be left. but there was cardboard and plastic all over the place. i cleaned up a bit since this should become for the things to keep. for the rest of the next couple of hours i was most of the time walking up and down the stairs, with the difference that upstairs i didn´t have anything in my hands. when i went upstairs now i met our neighbour putting on his shoes. we started to take out more children books, school books, my old electronic and chemical experiental cases, most of which we left in a corner in and outside the attic. the neighbours kept on making jokes about all the things my father has collected. and saw some similarities in my reluctance of throwing things away. we took the table on which our mother had changed us when we were babies - while sweat dripping from my neigbours face on it -, our old living room table, chairs and boxes with german army magazines. some of the things which are connected with my memories from my childhood and youth. we even found some training gun ammunition. the neighbour was in the arny as well a couple of ranks below my father. another source of stories of my fathers life. once i a while when i had the opporunity i took things back from the street into the basement i wanted to check if it was worth to keeping. like a plastic bag full of stuff, in which i spotted some eyfa (european youth forest action) batches and stickers. my old latin books and my sisters´french books. we had collected about five or six squaremeters waste (very rouglh estimation). my mother had ordered one squaremeter. we were wondering the whole morning what the waste collectors would take. and hoping they would not leave too much. around lunch time we were both pretty knackered, but also had everything except a couple of boxes down, so i proposed to the husband that i would finish the rest by myself after shower and lunch.

my mother had cooked yesterday for one day in advance, so we had the same food like on sunday. not too diverce. but quickly done. after having lunch i took the remaining boxes we had left in that corner, and a few bottles with ammoniac, salpeter acid, sulphur acid and hydrochloric acid (from my experiental phase in my youth) i had left on the staircase to the (almost) empty room in the basement. everything took maybe another hour, and i was happy when i took the decision that work was finished. i couldn´t be bothered that we didn´t clean out the second room in he basement. i was thinking i would do that in the next couple days.

i sat in front of my fathers computer and i tried to link facebook and blogger.com, but facebook went off for maintainance. i decided to read a comic strip on the balcony. when i tried to get up, i realised that i almost couldn´t move. for tea time: rhubarb cake and coffee, which in combination with the comic strip got my body moving again. i still had to clean the stairs and the basement a bit from dust and dirt. my mother found the sweater from my last day in the army with signatures from people i can´t remember. not today and not the day after those people had signed. she also gave some old trousers and suits from my father to me to try them on. most of them fit pretty well. if i put a belt on. maybe even better if i gain a little more weight as well. john told me today that he also fancies rhubarb and when he tried to grow it in croatia birds picked up the seeds. but he is gonna try again. good luck, john!

the garbage collectors come tommorrow between 10 in the morning and 1 o´clock p.m.. i should better look for bed and sleep.

good night everybody,
burkie in boeblingen

PS: already today i didn´t stick to my new rule to read my blog from yesterday before writing this one. now it´s too late to check about continuity between the two. let me do that tommorrow.

PPS: things are subject to change: my mother just told me, the neighbour is coming at nine in the morning to start cleaning the second room....

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