Wednesday, May 28, 2008

two cups of coffee, volunteers and cafes

thanks to everybody who sent their thoughts or condolescences concerning my fathers death. i couldn´t imagine it before, but they helped.

after lunch i went shopping. nothing too dramatic there. only the wheather. air from africa which came in between a low and a high-pressure area up here. or something like that. it´s warmer here now than in southern europe. i went to the library. with sweat dripping from my entire self i gave a couple music CD´s back and got new ones and a comic strip. they have more space than the public library in belzig. they have novels, books for children and adolescence and about health. today the cafe downstairs was open. i had to check it out. in the entrance posters about events, like readings, brunch and the lecture on africa and globalisation in the third world shop on thursday. that smelled like a cafe run by volunteers. there were two ladies in their best age talking about health issues. i orderd a cappucino, the lady asked if i wanted some cake with it. i couldn´t say no. the other one explained to her how the cappuccino machine works. after finishing cake and coffee i was reading that comic strip for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere. the lady took the empty dishes and i asked her if i could pay, she said she wouldn´t mind me sitting here for longer. my mother was probably already waiting for me and i didn´t want to be unfriendly so i asked her about the cafe, she told me the whole thing is a communal centre with the library and the cafe. they have language classes and all sorts of things, i had a hard time listening, being happy that i was right. about 10 years ago some people from the part of town decided they wanted a cafe. and they started one. so, it´s about the same age as infocafe in belzig. i have to go there again and find out more about it. i went home through subtropic climate. i unpacked the stuff i had bought while my mother prepared another coffee for me. i told her about the football match later. the german team was to play the bijelo russian one. when my mother heard bijelo russian, she remembered that her father got killed there at the end of world war II. i wasn´t aware of that, as far as i remember she never mentioned before that it was bijelo russia he was killed in. the younger sister of my father phoned, she is coming with the older sister tommorrow afternoon for a visit. rhubarb cake and coffee again delicious, the match ended in a draw, which is a success for the bijelo russian team and a little disaster for the german one.

my mother made a list of things she wants to get rid off, i typed it into the computer (if anybody is interested, i´m happy to send it). when i wanted to print the list i figured that the printer wasn´t working. i installed the whole thing anew. that was about the fifth time, thus i have an idea now how to do that. at last. during the installation i realised that the scanning software is installed during the printer installation. which might be the reason why the scanner gave up it´s work.

i watched a bit the news on television. in germany the communes don´t have enough youth workers. they showed as example a district of berlin. the youth worker they interviewed feels more like a firefighter. berlin is for the last couple of years bankrupt. germany having one of the strongest economies in the world, but not enough youth workers. better - or should i say worse? - than the comedians after the news. they (those comedians) displayed a graph on their studio walls, which showed that the pharmaceutical industry in germany got increasing profits while decreasing turnover in the last couple of years.

while writin this my computer decided that an update was necessary. i allowed him to do one. but not to crash the internet browser when i am about to upload this blog. fortunately there is some other software which is quicker than that internet browsing thing to manage the blog upload.

strange world.

good night,


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