Saturday, May 24, 2008

second round; rhubarb, photos, football.

somewhere last week we run out of rhubarb cake. so i entered round two of picking. i left about half for the neighbours who are coming back from holidays tommorrow. and i put a bucket full of flower soil next to the remaining plants. i didn´t understand completely why, but my mother got quite some flower soil on the balcony. it has something to do with a broken fish tank. i can´t re-call now the connection between that fish tank and the soil. i´ll have to start further investigations. my mother started with making another rhubarb cake.

in the afternoon i was watching frankfurter ffc playing umea ik in the uefa cup finals. the women section. while watching i sorted more papers of my father. and found a cigar box full of photographs. on one photo showing two young guys the year 1919 and something indeciperable was written on the back side. the time the other photos were taken was more noticeable on their front side. soldiers in nazi uniform, in military deployment, officers in the field, bombed out houses and typical nazi architecture. i found more birthday greeting cards and different identity cards of my father. catholic youth, parachuters, military driving license and amateur boxing association. my father started boxing when he was 14 years old. i have to say for the parachuters defense, the birthday card which was always the same was from the entire fellowship of parachuters.

frankfurter ffc won the uefa cup. again a close match, umea ik hit the cross bar twice. at the end the same picture like on wednesday: the members of one team celebrating, the others devestated. uefa vice-chairman gerhart meyer-vorfelder handed over the medals and the cup to the players. with the players of the team of umea ik he shook hands, with the ones from frankfurt he shook hands and gave kisses as well. he obviously wasn´t sure how many kisses were allowed, he started with two for each player, but reduced them to one each. meyer-vorfelder was minister of sports and culture of the state of baden-w├╝rttemberg when i went to school. i wasn´t into politics much then and didn´t understand much of the critisism towards him. neither i understood why we couldn´t choose german and history as main courses in the last two school years. my older sister explained to me, the government was worried students might get too critical. obviously now, one decision meyer-vorfelder was responsible for. for tea time my mother served rhubarb cake. this time straight from the ofen.

the scanner still doesn´t work. there seems to be a bug involved. the suitcase is still locked. i am now at number 600. that hardening left my neck completely now.

good night,

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